Fighting the Good (Eat Your Veggies!) Fight

Sep 21, 2012

Fighting the Good (Eat Your Veggies!) Fight

“Look, it’s little trees!  Who wants to eat the little trees?”

“Look, here’s some yummy dip for your broccoli!”

“Eat your squash and I’ll give you a cookie!”

“Just take a bite…just one bite!”

“Don’t you want strong muscles…eat your veggies!”

“Look at Mommy.  Mommy LOVES eating carrots!”

“Just try the #$% thing!”

If you’re a mother of toddlers like me, you’ve probably uttered some of those above lines to coerce your child into eating vegetables. ( If you haven’t, consider yourself very blessed!)  I’m a mother of a 4 year-old and 2 year-old and we have the vegetable battles every night.  At Launch Your Kid,  our goal is to make food fun, but keep it somewhat healthy.  And here I am, the owner, who has become the buyer of dino-shaped chicken nuggets and neon yellow mac and cheese to make our mealtime experiences a little easier.

My husband and I got tired of feeding our children these overly processed foods with no vegetable content.  Enter Chef Mimi.  We were lucky enough to meet Chef Mimi who had an interest in trying to find some recipes and meals that would have our girls eating their vegetables AND asking more more!  It’s a tough challenge.

I understand not everyone has a chef helping them.  And I know that pureeing vegetables is sometimes wishful thinking in our 9-5 world.  Sometimes it takes 8-20 exposure of a new food before a child will try it.  Who has the time or energy for that?! So we hope that we can bear some of that prep pain ahead of time.

We promise to share some recipes, some tips and some of our  experiences with these recipes with you.  Maybe we’ll all get our children to eat some veggies one of these days!

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