Closing a Chapter on Daisy Dish

Oct 4, 2013

For more than a year our wonderful Chef Mimi has hand crafted menu’s and delicious recipes that we have been able to share with...

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Whole Wheat Berry Crepes

Sep 6, 2013

Menu: Tomato, bean and sausage stew Chicken with pan gravy, roasted carrots, whole wheat cous cous Sautéed shrimp, Asian roast...

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Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette

Aug 30, 2013

Menu: Chicken cacciatore with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers over whole wheat cous cous Turkey bolognese over plus fettuccine Grilled...

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Tomato and Olive Relish

Aug 23, 2013

Weekly Menu: Pork chops, grilled peaches, sautéed spinach, jalapeño corn bread Grilled swordfish with tomato-olive relish, orzo,...

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Beet, Orange and Goat Cheese Salad

Aug 19, 2013

Weekly Menu: Pan seared salmon, sautéed asparagus and roasted parsnips Grilled chicken, sautéed green beans and mushrooms, and...

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Quinoa, Corn and Black Bean Salad

Aug 8, 2013

Weekly Menu: Grilled Shrimp with Quinoa, black bean and corn salad with lemon vinaigrette Grilled Chicken with Watermelon, cucumber...

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Beach Menu and Grocery List

Aug 1, 2013

Beach Menu: After listening to chatter around the playground about the stresses of planning beach menus, I thought I’d ask Chef...

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Shrimp Pasta with Tomato Basil Sauce and Zucc...

Jul 29, 2013

Weekly Menu: Grilled chicken with marinated white beans, olives and tomatoes over spinach salad and quinoa Red Chicken curry with...

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Oven Roasted Broccoli

Jul 26, 2013

Weekly Menu: Grilled Mahi Mahi with oven roasted broccoli and red pepper coulis Soy marinated salmon with sautéed book choy and...

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